Word Advanced

Who should attend: Those people who are currently using Word and would like to learn about the more advanced features of this package.

Course Contents

Creating and Manipulating Text Boxes
- using built-in text box styles
- applying effects
- creating linked text boxes
Manipulating Pictures in a Document
- adjusting the wrapping perimeter of a picture
- removing picture background


Setting Widow and Orphan Controls
Creating a Table of Contents
Using Bookmarks
Understanding Indexes
Using Cross-References
Inserting Footnotes
Adding Endnotes


Understanding Styles
- applying Styles
Creating a Multi-Level List
Copying Styles to a Document or Template
Working with Tables
- repeating table headings
- sorting data in a table
- entering formulas in a table
- converting table data to text


Adding Password Protection to a Document
Manipulating Spreadsheets in a Document
Working With Fields
- inserting and updating fields
- creating a Drop-Down List Box
Understanding & Creating Simple Macros
- using the Macro Recorder
Assigning Macros to Keyboard shortcuts, the QAT and graphic controls
Deleting Macros