Introduction to Excel

Who should attend: Those people who are new to Excel and who require an introduction to this popular spreadsheet application.
The course assumes familiarity with using PCs and Windows.

Course Contents

Understanding the Excel Screen
- Start Screen, Ribbon, Backstage View, and using the QAT
Spreadsheet Concepts
Selecting Areas in a Worksheet
Understanding Pointer Shapes
Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
Filling In Data Series Automatically
Using Flash Fill
Creating a New Worksheet


Understanding the Quick Analysis Icon
- formatting, charts, totals, tables, sparklines
Using Page Layout View
- setting headers and footers, orientation, and print layout
Applying New Cell Styles and Themes
Formatting the Worksheet
- formatting numbers, dates, and text


Creating Formulas
- using mathematical operators
- copying formulas
Using the AutoSum Facility
- summing ranges
- sub-totals & grand totals


Setting Conditional Formats
- applying cell rules
- using data bars, colour scales, icon sets
Creating Charts
- using Recommended Charts
- editing charts
Creating a Default Chart in One Step
Creating SparkLines