Excel Advanced

Who should attend: Those people who have attended the Introduction and Intermediate Excel courses and would like to build on the knowledge already acquired.

Course Contents

Summarising Data Using PivotTables
- creating PivotTables
- understanding PivotTable elements
- grouping dates
- filtering dates using timelines
- applying slicers
- showing percentages in a PivotTable
Creating PivotCharts
- filtering chart data


Forecasting Values Using What-If Analysis
- creating Scenarios
- using the Goal Seek feature
Using Formulas in Conditional Formats
- using mixed addresses
- formatting dates using DATEDIF


Looking Up Information using VLOOKUP
- utilising the IFERROR and ISBLANK functions
- looking for an approximate match
- understanding the MATCH function
Rounding Numbers Using the ROUND Function
Creating a Training Matrix
- using COUNTIF and COUNTA functions


Creating Macros to Automate Tasks
- using the Macro Recorder
Assigning Macros
Setting Absolute/Relative Recording
Editing Macros
- understanding the Visual Basic Editor
- editing simple Visual Basic code
Unhiding the Personal Workbook